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About Us

Flintlock Studios is an independent computer games studio based in North Yorkshire, UK. We are currently developing our first major title for PC using Unity as an engine. Lithic is a Prehistoric Fantasy Game with both real time strategy and role playing elements.


Flintlock Studios games are set within our own universe, which we are actively developing alongside our first title. We enjoy games where you feel invested in the storyline and being able to develop our own dark fantasy universe helps us to create those stories. We want to bring back the feeling of achievement that was present in a lot of retro games. 


We want games to be about the journey and not just about the destination, you might not win the games we develop but you will have fun trying. We feel that sense of journey has been lost from recent games, and so our aim is to bring it back without the retro graphics by using technology that is now available to us.

Our Values

Local Company

We are proud of where we are from. Bringing Video Game Development to the North-East of England.

User Driven

We want to hear what the community thinks. You can tell us through our forums.

Creative Worlds

Our games aren't just about winning, but are about the story and the worlds the characters live in.


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