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of all the Things

About Beki:

Beki spends most of her time at Flintlock doing everything you can think of so the Devs can keep on dev-ing. She’s the woman behind the Social Media and ruler of the Kettle. She also deals with all the paperwork and accounts for the company and keeps them on track. With several years’ experience in organising people in the Arts Industry she feels up to the challenge of organising the Devs of Flintlock, although she suspects they haven’t fully tested her yet.

Beki spends her non-Flintlock hours with Dev Tom who will be making her his wife later this year. She and Tom have two Degus; Flashheart and Melchett. Beki spends a lot of her spare time cross stitching random geekery to decorate the office with and watching large amounts of appalling television.


Code Monkey and Sandwich Devourer

About Tom:

Tom spends 98% of his time in front of the computer, both at home and at Flintlock. After a long, unfulfilling career in retail and playing and modding games as a hobby, Tom decided to sack off his job so he could make games as a job and be involved in retail as a hobby. (Often found trading bullets for beans in DayZ). At Flintlock he works mainly with Unity and C# and drinking vast amounts of Black Coffee whilst wondering why his code isn’t working.

In his spare time Tom puts up with Beki’s randomness and spends more time modding the games he buys than actually playing them. People like Tom because he is rarely late.


Animator of some things and creative thinker of many things

About Jon:

Jon’s experience before Flintlock was in the entertainment industry, which is fantastic because he brings his vast music collection to the office for us to listen to. Jon is fairly new to the Dev world and there is nothing like a baptism of fire to get you going. Jon is responsible for model design, the animation of the characters and storyline development.

When not bashing his head against a desk in the office, Jon DJs in local bars and plays World of Warcraft. We are assuming not at the same time but you never know… Jon lives with his wife Shell, their children, snake and dog.


The Digital Herdsman

About Ryan:

Shortly after graduating from The University of Huddersfield, Ryan managed to successfully secure a position at Flintlock Studios as their 3D Artist. He’s been currently tasked with designing, modelling, texturing and animating the wildlife in Lithic.

When Ryan’s not shouting at his models, in his spare time you’ll find him either complaining about the Russians in Dota 2 or deciding which new game he’s going to fail to play on his ever growing list of Steam games. On the rare occasional he’s not on his PC you’ll find him down his local drinking establishment ranting about politics. As well his love for Ale, Ryan’s also on a failing quest to get fit by going on long gruelling bike rides around Leeds.


Cow Rider Pro

About Mitch:

Mitch lived in Milton Keynes - the home of the concrete cows - and worked in retail before heading to Teesside University to study video games design. After playing a game of Talisman with the office staff on his first day he was part of the team indeed! A 3 month internship ended in a contract with Flintlock Studios so now he has to be paid for the work he does which is currently building the game world in Lithic.

When Mitch is not at work, he is at home playing games of all kinds, working out the level flow and how they made things look so good! Mitch also spends his free time making and consuming food, reading and watching game development news and live streams on You can catch Mitch’s own Stream on Tuesday Evenings.


Maker of Noise and Desserts

About Benn:

Benn's career in Sound Design begins in Flintlock. He goes out in the field with his kit to capture sounds at any opportunity. The majority of his time is spent on his laptop composing music and editing audio, provided he isn't mauled by his cats. He maintains an ever growing collection of instruments, all of which he plays and has been known to create his own (once this included a vacuum).

When he's not annoying neighbours with his noises, Benn also volunteers as an English teacher for the Nepalese community in Catterick Garrison, looks after a flock of ex-battery hens and practices black magic researches foreign folklore.


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