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21/08/2014 14:14
Lithic is a real time strategy game with distinct RPG elements set in Flintlock Studios’ dark fantasy world, a rich Stone Age environment. Players will be able to explore the concept of cultural and technological evolution from primitives incapable of speech through to forming advanced stone tool creation. Build the origins of society in a universe where magic is abound, yet untamed and the environment is as much the enemy as other creatures are.

The Story

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. - Charles Darwin
If the above statement is true, what happens when you apply that concept to a fantasy world?

Lithic begins with the Ix (a race of reptilian humanoids) completing a ritual that brings the gods they worship into the Material Plane. The resulting energy destroyed a large section of the planet and all but wiped out the Ix. The gods, ethereal Creator Spirits, are now grounded; their immense powers ebbing away as their connection with the Ethereal Plane is slowly severed.

Upon their descent some of the Creator Spirits were thrust into the bodies of creatures on the planet, whilst others were bound to the trees and rocks, the rivers and soil. Those lucky enough to find themselves bound to the sentient denizens discovered that they could influence their host's behaviour, this chance occurrence allowing them to use these primitive tribes to find a way to return home.

The Game

In Lithic, the player controls their tribe through the eyes of a Creator Spirit. This is mechanically similar to the timeless “Hand of God” control system but has an added layer of dynamism in that Tribes-members have their own needs and will meet them without player intervention. This means that the player need not focus on the micro-management prevalent in RTS games and can instead influence the parts of the Tribe that require attention at any specific moment.

The environments of Lithic are lush, untouched by the hand of settlement. Vast forests and jungles, yawning plains and grasslands, rivers, quiet coastlines and tundra all paint a vibrant virgin environment to survive in and explore.

Planned Features for Lithic

• Expansive single player story campaign.
• Randomly generated Skirmish Mode, adding infinite replay value.
• Brand new dark fantasy world to explore and develop.
• Four base races to pick from, each with a unique playstyle and visual aesthetic.
• Intelligent technology advancement, new technology is learned when related tools are used or relevant tasks are performed.
• Cultural development: Art, traditions and ritual all evolve depending on in-game occurrences.
• Procedural language system: Your tribe develops language as needed, evolving better communication and allowing for more complex tactics to be employed.
• Influence system: control your tribe through subtle compulsion or through direct possession.

If you have any comments or questions on this - we would love to hear them!

HomeHomeLithicLithicGame Announceme...Game Announceme...Lithic Initial AnnouncementLithic Initial Announcement

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