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17/10/2014 09:42

Hey folks, wanted to expand on the Hunting and Foraging Dev blog found here (ctrl+click to open links in a new tab). It's probably advisable to read that first before reading this part.

I wanted to touch on how different races approach food in general as they all have preferences in what they eat and how they gather it. All the races in Lithic are omnivorous, meaning there are no real limitations on the food types they can utilise to sustain themselves. I'll expand this thread as and when we release more in depth information.


The Hob are content to eat whatever they can get their hands on, their high constitution and toughened digestive systems even allowing them to eat foods which are poisonous to other races with little to no ill effects. This is reflected in their gathering thought process, the hob will generally go for whatever food source is closest to the tribe.


The Hu are more preferential about their food, trying to balance their diet. They use teamwork to gather and hunt effectively, using superior brain power to organise hunting parties and devise the most efficient way to gather pants as a group. The Hu are also very likely to develop into a farming culture, where they can gather large amounts of food in a short period of time, leaving them free to focus on other elements of the tribe.


Due to their immense speed and dexterity, the Lit are excellent hunters and as such have developed a mostly carnivorous diet. That isn't to say that the Lit don't eat vegetables of fruits, they most definitely will; especially when prey is scarce or it's simply easier to gather berries etc.


The Ur's immense size and lumbering movement makes them poor hunters which has led to them having a mostly plant based diet. They do however enjoy meat and will try to get hold of meat when the opportunity arises, normally in the form of a foolhardy predator attacking the tribe or a unwary prey animal has cornered itself.

This is just a very brief look at the Race-specific aspects of hunting and gathering and more is on the way, be sure to check back periodically to see if new information is added, or follow us on twitter for immediate notification as to when new information is available. Our twitter page can be found at

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