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Dev Blog 17 - Preparing for Greenlight

Hello there! Dev Jon back once again with a short update on what we've been working on over the last little while.

It's been all systems go at Flintlock Studios recently, with our upcoming Steam Greenlight campaign kicking off on Wednesday, we've been hard at work getting our game assets to a standard we're happy with. We also welcomed yet another new soul to our team – Mitch, who's with us on 3 months post-graduate work experience, read about him on our blog post here.

So what have we all been up to specifically? A lot of it ties into our mid-project upgrade to the new Unity 5 Beta, which is allowing us to greatly increase the lighting fidelity of the game, amongst many other things! So, this has meant that a lot of things needed to change to make room for the Global Illumination – Tom has been working on the way we generate terrains and objects entirely, he's also done lots of texture reworking on the characters to allow us to use PBR. (Physically based rendering)

I personally have been setting up the flora of our temperate climates to also use PBR, which when combined with reflections and Tom's work on character models allowed us to create a much grittier, realistic world. I've also spent some time working on levels of detail for the flora, so we can cram loads into our game-world to make it as populated and vibrant as possible without too much compromise on performance. Mitch is currently building the menu scene which will play a key role in our Steam Greenlight video.

The Avatar models which serve as the player's embodiment in game are also coming along very nicely, Ryan has been doing some fantastic work on them and we can't wait to see what you guys think.

We've also spent a lot of time fixing bugs, working in a Beta version of an engine is always going to be a little tricky but we felt that if we want Lithic to be the best, prettiest game it can be (Spoiler: we certainly do!) - Then the decision to make the early upgrade to Unity 5 was the right call. It has of course taken a fair bit of time to get back to moving forward on development but in the end we all feel that Unity 5 is a great piece of kit and the graphical quality we can now produce is leaps and bounds ahead of what we could previously have attained.

There's still a lot of work to be done in order for us to be truly ready for our Greenlight launch, but Beki has been doing everything possible to ensure everything goes as well as we could possibly hope for.

If you have any questions regarding Lithic or the studio then feel free to fire them off on our Forum, we're really busy at the moment but we will as always answer them as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support folks and don't forget to vote for us on Greenlight when we go live on Wednesday, Five more days!