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Dev Blog - What we are working on Next

Hey folks, Dev Jon here again. Today I'd like to talk about what we're currently working on now that we've launched Lithic onto Greenlight. (Please check out the game if you haven't already!) The lead up to Greenlight saw the team put in an insane amount of hours and we're all relieved and excited to finally be at this stage. But “No rest for the Gamedevs” as the old adage goes (or something like that anyway) - We sat down on Thursday morning, fleshed out our timeline for the period leading up to our planned Early Access release and decided what each of us will be focusing on next.

Tom is currently cleaning up our file structure in the build – removing old assets we no longer use and placing files from their import folders into their correct homes, a meticulously fun job but one which is of course integral to smooth development. Once this is done he'll be working on the clothing models for our numerous styles.

Mitch is currently fixing the Global Illumination – and the good news is we think we've nearly cracked it and hopefully we can start working on creating the consistent, gritty atmosphere we're aiming for soon.

Ryan is currently doing what he does best – modelling! We're looking forward to sharing more Avatars with you as and when they're finished so stay tuned for that.

I myself am about to start work on the knowledge trees in game and the way equipment and clothing evolves throughout play, I foresee many flowcharts in my immediate future! It's important that these trees flow sensibly so I'm taking inspiration from the progression of prehistoric man and ancient civilisations. This will hopefully add a touch more realism and believability to the clothing styles and tool progression. The trees are character specific, so if one character has a particular knowledge and dies before he can pass it on then that knowledge is lost until someone else discovers it. There are a bunch of other cool things this means for your tribe – but that's another blog, for another time!

If you have any questions, feel free to fire them off on our Forum where I'll be more than happy to answer them. If you haven't done so already, please check out our Greenlight page – we can't make Lithic a reality without your support!