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Unique Selling Points

Today we are looking at USPs in other words your Unique Selling Point. Whatever product you sell you need to be thinking – what is my USP?

Your USP is what sets your product apart from others on the market. What makes your product stand out from the crowd? You need to be able to know what your USPs are and make them your key points in your marketing strategy.

When it comes to games, your USP could be a variety of things, maybe the concept and storyline are new. Maybe the gameplay is different. Maybe you've taken an old idea and re-invented it into something different. What gap is there in the market that your game fills.

Best thing about writing this blog is finding the terrible stock photos to go with it.

As an example here our some of our USPs for our game Lithic.

USP 1 - The Setting - Lithic is set in a prehistoric world. A prehistoric fantasy world. There are not many games that look at the fantasy genre this far back in time. Most games begin their fantasy setting once civilisation has been established.

USP 2 - Story and Lore. Lithic has some strong lore and storyline that has been written to establish the setting of the game and to drive the gameplay itself. You can find all the links to the lore and race stories on our list of Dev Blogs here. This USP also ties in to a USP of our Studio - One of the Values on our front page is Our games aren't just about winning, but are about the story and the worlds the characters live in.

USP 3 - Aspects of Gameplay - We have implemented an AI within Lithic that will take care of a lot of the smaller tasks within game such as gathering food and eating. So our game stands out because unlike many Real Time Strategy games you don’t have to constantly micro manage your tribe.

Hopefully these USPs will help you to find your own. What you need to be asking yourself is - what will make a customer buy my product over everyone elses? If you don’t know what yours are then go research your ‘competition’. Go look at other games in a similar genre. See what they are doing and look at what is different in your game. If you game is so similar to another game that you can’t find a USP then you need to be adding something to your game that gives you one. No one wants another Minecraft clone.

Once you have established what your USPs are, you need to start shouting about them at every opportunity. They need to be included in press releases, in forum posts, in greenlight and kickstarter campaigns and in video footage. I’ve lost count now of the number of times I’ve clicked on someone’s trailer video watched the whole thing and had no idea what the point of the game is. Your USPs should be covering this, make sure they are! This goes the same for websites and for sites like Indie Database. Especially if you have a landing page for your game not just a company site. The first sentence on a landing page for the game should be drawing the viewer in and you can do that with your USPs.

If you do this you can be as cool as this duck.

Spend the time to look at your competitors and decide how your game is different to theirs. Go to your websites and edit your descriptions to add these in. Make sure everywhere you can post them you have, this is an easy way to give prominence to your game even if you don't have a lot of marketing experience. If you have any further questions on USPs feel free to ask me on our Forum.

If you’ve been sold on our USPs you can vote for Lithic on Steam Greenlight.